How Midterm Progress Reports Work

Every semester, instructors for 1000 and 2000 level classes will submit midterm progress reports for each student in the class. 

Here are some FAQs about progress reports and also your next steps: 

What does the “S” and “U” mean?
You will either receive an “S” for Satisfactory or a “U” for Unsatisfactory. While each professor has some discretion to what “S” and “U” mean (detailed in the class syllabus), the general rule of thumb is that an “S” is for students currently earning a C or higher in the class and “U” is for students currently at risk for a D or F in the class based on your work completed so far. Your professor may assign you a “U” for a number of reasons, including poor attendance or poor quiz grades, even if your current grade in the class is a C or higher. 

Does a “U” affect my GPA?
No, midterm progress reports are not factored into your GPA. These are midterm progress indicators and do not show up on your transcript. 

TL;DR: If you have questions about why your professor assigned you a “U”, please contact them directly. (Professors do not share this information with academic advisors!)

What do I do if I get a “U” midterm progress report?
As your academic advisor, I will reach out to everyone who receives an unsatisfactory progress report. We will discuss your success in the class so far, how comfortable you are with improving in the class, and make a plan going forward. You may also schedule an appointment with me any time using Advisor Link. If you receive 2 or more unsatisfactory progress reports, you will be required to meet with me for academic advising. 

What kind of resources are available for students?

1:1 Tutoring for classes like EAS, ECON, MATH, and PSYC (see the full list on their website)

Peer-Led Undergraduate Study (PLUS) for classes like ECON 2106, MATH 1551,1552, and 1553

CommLab for help with written projects, lab reports, presentations, multimodal projects, and more

Academic Coaching for goal-setting, finding motivation, developing study skills, etc

Counseling Center for mental health support, crisis counseling, and individual counseling

Relevant Dates:

Monday, February 22nd: Midterm Progress Reports Posted

Wednesday, March 17th: Last Day to Withdraw from a Class