Summer Classes at Another University

So, you want to take classes at another university this summer? Here are your next steps:

1. Review Georgia Tech’s Policy: Visit the Georgia Tech website and read up on the policy for students attending other schools. You can find this information here: Georgia Tech Students Attending Other Schools.
2. Check Admissions Info: Look up the admissions information for the school you want to attend. Most likely, they have a policy for “transient students” during the summer. You’ll need to apply and be accepted to this school before you can register for classes there.
3. Explore Class Offerings: Look at the other school’s schedule of classes to see what they’re offering. Remember to consider prerequisites and any restrictions they might have for your desired classes. Follow their registration policies.
4. Check Transfer Credits: See if the classes you want to take are in the Transfer Credit Equivalency Tables. If not, you’ll need to submit the class information to the Transfer Credit Evaluation Site for review. You can find both the Equivalency Tables and the Evaluation Site here: Transfer Credit Equivalency Tables & Evaluation Site.
5. Inform Your Advisor: Let your academic advisor know which classes you plan to take at the other university. They can offer guidance and ensure these classes fit into your academic plan.
6. Consult Financial Aid Office: Always check in with the Office of Financial Aid if you have any questions or concerns about how to pay for classes or how your scholarships will work in the summer. They can provide guidance on financial matters related to attending classes at another institution. You can reach them here: Contacting Our Office.
7. Submit Transcripts: Find out when you’ll receive your grades for the classes and make sure to submit your transcript promptly to Georgia Tech once you have them.

Two key points to note:
• You cannot take a class at another university if you have previously completed it at Georgia Tech.
• You can take classes at both Georgia Tech and another university at the same time – in the summer semester only!