LMC Humanities for Fall 2024

LMC offers many classes that satisfy the humanities requirement for all majors across campus. However, many of these classes are also requirements for the LMC & CM majors and minors with the School of LMC.

If you are not a major or minor with the School of LMC, you may receive registration error: MAJOR RESTRICTION. See below for details on Fall 2024 LMC Humanities options and major restriction lift dates.

LMC Humanities Options – available to all majors!
LMC 2600 Intro to Performance Studies
LMC 3102 The Classical Tradition
LMC 3104 The Age of Scientific Discovery
LMC 3106 The Age of Scientific Revolution
LMC 3202 Studies in Fiction: Spunky Women in Literature
LMC 3208 African American Literature & Culture
LMC 3210 Ethnicity in American Culture
LMC 3226 Major Authors: James Joyce
LMC 3228 Shakespeare
LMC 3257 Global Cinema: Japanese Cinema
LMC 3263 Music, Culture, & Society
LMC 3516 Literary & Cultural Modernism

LMC Humanities Options – available to all majors once all time tickets have been released (April 4/22 @ starting at noon)
LMC 2500 Intro to Film
LMC 3206 Communication & Culture
LMC 3214 Science Fiction
LMC 3234 Creative Writing: Poetry
LMC 3234 Creative Writing: SciFi/Fantasy Fiction & Film Writing
LMC 3236 Writing for Stage & Screen
LMC 3252 Film & TV: American Horror Film 1930-Present
LMC 3253 Animation
LMC 3254 Film History
LMC 3302 Science, Technology, & Ideology
LMC 3304 Science, Technology, & Gender
LMC 3308 Environmentalism & Ecocriticism
LMC 3318 Biomedicine & Culture
LMC 3405 Media, Culture, & Society

LMC Humanities classes restricted to School of LMC – No Exceptions
LMC 2000 Intro to Literature, Media, & Communication
LMC 2400 Intro to Media Studies
LMC 3314 Technologies of Representation

*Please note: any LMC class that does not carry the Humanities attribute cannot be petitioned to satisfy a Humanities requirement.*

Registration information on LMC 3403 can be found here: