Compare & Contrast: LMC and Business Majors @ GT

First thing’s first, I want to make it clear that as your academic advisor I want you to find the best major, classes, and fit for you! I do think there are many ways to make the LMC major work for you – it just takes a bit of creativity and openness to trying new things.

When I hear from students wanting to change their major from LMC to Business (BA) at Tech, my first question is always:
What is it about a business major that interests you?

 Job Opportunities

As an English major in undergrad, I definitely understand the pressure and concern around finding a well-paying job after graduation. I am living proof that it’s possible – and that the job opportunities out there might just surprise you in the best way! If your primary driver for changing your major is because of job opportunities and salary goals, then I also encourage you to chat with one of our Career Educators. Kyle & Camille have practical and real-world examples of all the great things LMC and IAC majors do after graduation!

Class Content

Do you prefer creative classes that explore media, communication, and culture? Or are you more interested in subjects like accounting, management, and analytics? Before changing your major, you want to compare and contrast the types of classes you will take. When you enjoy your classes you will get the most out of them – and the most bang for your buck! Want to see a side-by-side comparison of the LMC major and BA major? Email me and I’d be happy to share 🙂

Internship Opportunities

As an LMC major, you receive a weekly email from the CoLab (Creative Career Origination Lab) with Highlights of the Week, including internship opportunities specifically geared toward LMC. We get requests for student interns all the time for internships in communications, public relations, video production, marketing, social media, and more! Most internships are looking for candidates with strong writing skills, excellent communication skills, and a willingness to learn!

The Best of Both Worlds

GT’s Scheller School of Business offers a Marketing Certificate, which includes 5 business classes in marketing. The Marketing Certificate is extremely popular with LMC majors and allows you to explore creative classes and content along with business classes at GT. You can take classes like Marketing Management, Social Media Marketing, and Strategic Brand Management alongside LMC classes to meet your intellectual interests and career goals.

As always, feel free to reach out and let’s chat about your interests and how your academics can help you reach your career goals!