LMC & the Marketing Certificate

Many LMC majors pursue the Marketing Certificate through Scheller College of Business as a complementary add-on. Here’s what you need to know about pursuing the Marketing Certificate as an LMC major.

Note: this information is based on updates to the Marketing Certificate for the 2023-24 catalog year.

Marketing Certificate Requirements

  • MGT 3300 Marketing Management I
  • MGT 3100 Marketing Research: Analytics
  • Choose 3 MGT electives from pre-approved list


Marketing Certificate Updates (2023-24)

  • The certificate now has a prerequisite: MGT 2250 Management Statistics
    • There are also substitution options for MGT 2250 listed here
  • MGT 2250 Management Statistics also has prerequisites
    • MATH 1712 or MATH 1550 or MATH 1551
  • MGT 3300 Marketing Management I does not have any prerequisites listed
  • All prerequisites are available on the marketing certificate website and in OSCAR
  • The website also projects when each class option will be taught

What This Means for LMC Majors

  • LMC will approve MGT 2250 as an option/substitution in Area F Technical Electives in Degreeworks for Spring 2024 (pending approval for future semesters)
    • Email me for an adjustment in DW once you register
  • If interested in the marketing certificate, you should prioritize taking MATH 1712/1551
  • Prerequisite sequencing for the marketing certificate:
    • MATH 1712/1551 → MGT 2250/sub → MGT 3100
    • You could take MGT 3300 alongside MATH 1712 /1551 or MGT 2250/sub
  • Here’s an example of what it might look like to complete the certificate:
Year Spring Fall
Year 1 MATH 1712/1551 MGT 2250/sub &
MGT 3300
Year 2 MGT 3100 MGT elective
Year 3 MGT elective MGT elective

(You could try to double-up on classes so you can finish in a shorter time period – this is just an example!)

Please refer to their website for additional information and/or to Register for a Certificate. https://www.scheller.gatech.edu/explore-programs/undergraduate/curriculum/undergraduate-certificates/index.html

IMPORTANT: Registering for the certificate helps Scheller anticipate demand for future certificate classes and allows you to receive relevant information about the certificate.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions!