All About the Modern Language Requirement


Let’s talk about the modern language requirement for LMC majors.

It looks like this in degreeworks:

Important Note: All these options are at the 2xxx, 3xxx, and 4xxx level (also shown on DW as 2@, 3@, and 4@). No 1xxx level languages can satisfy the modern language requirement.

If you want to start a language from the beginning, it may look like this:
– SPAN 1001: Elementary Spanish I counts as a humanities or a free elective
– SPAN 1002: Elementary Spanish II counts as a humanities or a free elective
– SPAN 2001: Intermediate Spanish I – will satisfy the modern language requirement

If you have AP/IB/dual enrollment credit for 1001 and 1002 of a language then you can take 2001 next and satisfy the modern language requirement.

If you have experience with a foreign language (but no credit), you can take a placement test to determine what level of the language you should start at.

If you do not have previous credit or experience with a foreign language and do not wish to start from the beginning, there are other options.
– LING = Linguistics, which are all taught in English
– Some modern language classes offered each semester are taught in English – check Oscar course details to learn which ones
– As your academic advisor, I also send out a list of modern language classes taught in English each semester (so check your emails!)

Why complete a sequence of foreign language classes instead of taking one language class taught in English?
Well, aside from broadening your horizons, opening your mind to new perspectives, making travel experiences more interesting and enjoyable, and learning more about cultures other than your own?!
– Career-wise: Many companies take foreign language experience into account when hiring!
– Education-wise: LMC and Modern Languages at Tech offer a one-year master’s program called Global Media and Culture! Think half LMC classes and half language classes, with some of your favorite undergrad profs. Learn more about GMC here.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions! 

-Your Academic Advisor