All About the Ethics Requirement


Let’s talk about the Ethics requirement for LMC majors.

It looks like this in Degreeworks:

  • “3 credits in Ethics are required” is a hyperlink in Degreeworks that takes you here: This list includes all the classes approved to satisfy the Ethics requirement.
  • Three LMC classes are also ethics options: LMC 3219 Literature & Medicine, LMC 3304 Science, Technology, & Gender, and LMC 3318 Biomedicine & Culture. These classes are humanities options and may also be options in your LMC threads. Classes cannot double-count. This means if you take LMC 3219, you can use it toward humanities, ethics, or your major, but not in multiple places.

Note: Some majors on campus (not LMC) can use an ethics class to also satisfy a humanities or social science requirement because their programs exceed the minimum 122 credit hours needed to graduate. This is not an option for LMC majors because Ethics is a separate requirement in Area F – classes cannot double-count.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use PSYC 1101 to satisfy my Science or Computing elective and my Ethics requirement? No. Classes cannot double-count. You can either use PSYC 1101 toward one or the other requirement, but not both.

The website says I can take an ethics class and also satisfy my humanities requirement. Why isn’t this showing up on Degreeworks?This option is only available for certain majors – LMC majors cannot double-count classes.

***If a class is currently counting in another area on Degreeworks and you would like it moved to the Ethics requirement, please email me!

-Your Academic Advisor