Required Classes for LMC Majors


When looking at LMC classes to take for your major, you might be wondering what specific classes are absolutely required?

Here’s everything you need to know about required classes for the LMC major!

You need 2 LMC classes to satisfy Area F:

  • LMC 2000: Introduction to Literature, Media, & Communication is required for all LMC majors and is typically offered in the fall semester only.
  • LMC 2050, 2060, or 2400: Choose 1 of these classes to satisfy this requirement.
    • Note: If you have the literature thread, then LMC 2060 is required for the thread and cannot be used here. If you have the media thread, then LMC 2400 is required for the thread and cannot be used here.

You will choose 2 threads for your LMC major. Each thread has 1 specifically required class:

  • Literature thread = LMC 2060 Intro to Literary Studies
  • Media thread = LMC 2400 Intro to Media
  • Communication thread = LMC 3403 Technical Communication
  • Design thread = LMC 2720 Principles of Visual Design
  • Social Justice thread = LMC 2350 Intro to Social Justice
  • Science, Technology, & Culture thread = LMC 2100 Intro to STAC

In addition to the required thread class, you will choose 2 foundation classes and 3 specialty classes for both of your threads. These classes cannot count in multiple places.

Every LMC major must complete a Capstone class.

  • LMC 4000 Senior Seminar is the most common option for this requirement and at least two sections are taught every fall and spring.
  • You should plan to take this class during your final semester at Georgia Tech.
  • Note: The School of LMC is phasing out LMC 4500 as an option for this section.
  • LMC 4102 Senior Thesis is for students who plan to attend graduate or professional school and are interested in a significant research project. You must receive approval to complete a senior thesis and find a faculty member to sponsor your research and thesis. More information is available on the LMC 4102 Senior Thesis Protocol.

To view all your requirements, please visit Degreeworks.

-Your Academic Advisor