Phase II Tips & Tricks

Phase II starts *this Friday*! Can you believe it?!

Time tickets will be posted to your accounts on Thursday, Jan 8th. The Registrar’s Office auto-assigns time tickets based on your earned hours and has directions here for how to view your time ticket.

This semester the first day of class is on Thursday, Jan 14th! You will be able to add & drop classes through Friday, Jan 22nd.

Here are a few tips & tricks on how to have a successful Phase II experience:

→Check out the schedule & waitlist info asap!

One of the most common questions I get from students is, “why is this class giving me an error when I try to register?” Review all class details in Oscar (click on it!), including prerequisites, major restrictions, and other details listed.

Professors also include info on how the class will be taught (remote/synchronous, etc) when you click Syllabus Information, then Canvas Course Description.

Bottom line: Click around! Explore! And ask questions before your registration period opens so you can minimize surprises and frustrations.

→Set an alarm for your time ticket!  

Be ready to make changes as soon as your time ticket opens up to maximize your options available to you.

→On a waitlist? Check your email address frequently!

Yep, your waitlist notifications go to your gatech email and you only have 12 hours to add yourself to the class before the option goes to the next person in line. Nope, you can’t jump the line if you missed your time.

Want to join a waitlist but aren’t sure how? Follow these instructions to join a waitlist.

→Compare your schedule & Degreeworks!

Fun fact: Degreeworks updates nightly. So, if you add a new class to your schedule on Friday, it will show up in Degreeworks on Saturday morning. (Note: your registration updates automatically in Oscar.)

Make sure the classes you register for are satisfying the right spots in Degreeworks. Got questions? Think something needs to be adjusted? Email me!

→Bookmark the Registration Information page!

This link is full of info on LMC permits, waitlists, major restrictions, and FAQs. I made these FAQs based on actual panicked emails I receive during registration. Do yourself a favor and read through these before your time ticket opens!

Feel free to email me with questions, concerns, and registration issues any time. Please note: During Phase II, I may send you a quick reply + link with less chatter than my regular emails because I’m receiving a lot of messages at once. 🙂

Happy registration!