Science or Computing Electives for LMC Majors

Hey there!

Let’s talk about the Science or Computing Electives requirement for LMC majors.

It looks like this in degreeworks:

To satisfy this requirement, you must take classes offered by either the College of Computing or the College of Sciences. All prefix options are listed above and on your Degreeworks, and you will need at least 6 credit hours to complete this section.

  • This section is not the same as your computing requirement! All majors must complete either CS 1301 or 1315 in Area B. You can take additional CS classes to satisfy the Science or Computing Electives section. Classes cannot double-count.
  • This section is also not the same as your lab sciences requirement! In addition to taking two lab sciences in Area D, you must complete 6 credits of Science or Computing Electives. Some options in this section include lab sciences, though you are not required to take more than the two lab sciences needed for your core lab sciences requirement. Classes cannot double-count.

Helpful Tip: Many LMC majors prefer to take psychology classes to satisfy the Science or Computing Electives. Most psychology classes have PSYC 1101 General Psychology as a prerequisite.

***If a class is currently counting in another area on Degreeworks and you would like it moved to the Science or Computing Electives section, please email me! (This happens often with PSYC 1101 – you can simply email me and request the class be moved to Science or Computing Electives instead.)

As always, please reach out if you have any questions!

-Your Academic Advisor