First Day of Class Prep

Can you believe it’s already time for spring semester?! Here are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare for the first day of classes and add/drop week.

  1. The first day of class is Thursday, January 14th. The following Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial holiday so there is no class! This means TR classes will meet for the first time on 1/14, MWF classes meet for the first time on 1/15, and MW classes meet for the first time on 1/20.
  2. Classes are offered in four formats: remote synchronous, remote asynchronous, hybrid, and residential. Follow the steps listed on the Registrar’s site to find out more details about your delivery modes for your classes. This is especially important for hybrid classes.
  3. With many operations still virtual, it is vital that you prioritize checking Canvas and your GT email address each day to ensure you are staying on top of all requirements.
  4. Waitlist notifications are going out and will continue through Thursday, 1/21. You can add and drop classes until Friday, 1/22 at 4 pm.
  5. COVID safety protocols are in place across campus: wear a mask, practice social distancing, and avoid large gatherings. Make a plan to get tested weekly on campus.
  6. Please stay healthy and stay safe! Going to college can already have its stressful moments and it is completely understandable if the pandemic is additional stressor. If you feel overwhelmed or overly stressed, please take care of yourself and seek out help when needed. Tech’s Counseling Center is here for you!

Make sure you review your classes in Degreeworks once your schedule is set and confirm everything is counting toward requirements. Feel free to email me to request adjustments – I will only make adjustments once you are done adding/dropping classes. I am also available for 15-minute virtual appointments as needed via Advisor Link. For the fastest response, please email me!