Understanding Minors & Certificates

Interested in adding a minor or certificate to complement your LMC major?

There are so many great reasons for adding a minor or certificate:
-Develop special knowledge and skills!
-Improve your employment opportunities!
-Explore subject areas you enjoy!

How a Minor or Certificate Works with an LMC Major
Minors are typically 5+ classes and will take the place of your need for free electives. Classes for a minor cannot double-count – meaning, a class used in your core or toward your major cannot also count toward the minor.

Certificates are typically 4 classes and will take the place of your need for free electives. Unlike minors, certificates do allow for double-counting classes.

How To Declare a Minor: 

  1. Meet with the minor advisor to learn more about the program, prerequisites, etc. Note: Some minors require an application!
  2. You can also meet with me to talk about how to incorporate a minor into your graduation plan.
  3. Then you’ll need to fill out the change of minor form and send it to the minor advisor and your academic advisor (me!) for signatures.
  4. The form will then go to the Registrar’s Office for processing.

Here are a few examples of popular minors and certificates with LMC majors:

Industrial Design Minor
If you are interested in a design career then this minor offers great additional perspectives and skills in the design world! Learn how to sketch, visualize, and develop creative problem solving skills in design. Check out ID’s minor website to learn more about the 5 classes you’ll take and how you can even complete the minor over the course of one summer!

Marketing Certificate
The most popular certificate among LMC majors is the marketing certificate! It includes 5 classes, two required classes in Marketing Management and Marketing Research, and three classes of your choice in various specialty areas of marketing like Social Media Marketing, Advertising and Promotions, and Digital Marketing. If you are interested in pursuing this certificate, register for a certificate and learn more about Scheller’s marketing certificate curriculum.

Health and Medical Sciences Minor
If you are planning to pursue medical school, physical therapy school, or other health-related fields, then consider this minor! Most of the prerequisites you need as a pre-health student can satisfy the minor and allow you to compliment your humanities-focused major with a sciences-focused minor. Learn more about pre-health advising and how the HMS minor can compliment your major.

Minors and Certificates in Language Studies
Perhaps you are interested in LMC’s 1 year masters program, Global Media and Culture. Or you are interested in working with the international community, or in expanding your language skills and cultural competencies. Tech offers minors and certificates in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish. Minors typically require 5 classes while certificates require 4 classes. Learn more about your minor and certificate options with the School of Modern Languages.

Other minors LMC majors are currently pursuing include Computer Science, Psychology, Public Policy, and Technology and Business. For the full list of minors and certificates available at Tech, visit the University Catalog.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions!

-Your Academic Advisor