All Things Graduation

I get a lot of questions about graduating so I hope this helps! 

Commencement & Graduation: What’s the Difference?
Commencement = Ceremony
Graduation = DeGree

Commencement is the event to celebrate graduation and the completion of your degree. Graduation / graduating refers to you actually being awarded the degree. 

Participation in the Commencement ceremony does not mean you have graduated! In order to graduate, you must complete all degree requirements. Degrees are officially awarded the 2-3 days following Commencement.

It is possible to participate in Commencement without officially graduating yet. For example, if you have 1-2 classes remaining, you may want to finish those in the summer but still participate in the spring Commencement ceremony. 

What is the OAG?
OAG = Online Application to Graduate

“Students are expected to apply to graduate the semester before they wish to graduate.” View the academic calendar for specific OAG deadlines. 

FAQ: “Can I walk at spring graduation if I plan to finish classes in the summer?”
Students graduating in summer (completing remaining degree requirements in summer) may request to participate in the spring commencement ceremony (i.e. “walk at graduation”.) You must have 1 or 2 classes remaining and be in good standing. If you are interested in this option, please review information for summer graduates posted on the Commencement website. 

Who’s Responsible for What? 

Student Responsibilities: 

Academic Advisor: 

  • Help interpret and communicate degree requirements
  • Review your degreeworks and make adjustments as needed

Registrar’s Office: 

Commencement Office:

  • Host spring and fall commencement ceremonies
  • Distribute tickets for commencement
  • Communicate FAQs and logistics for commencement day

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