LMC Humanities for Spring 2022

Hello there!

LMC offers many classes that satisfy the humanities requirement for all majors across campus. However, many of these classes are also requirements for the LMC & CM majors and minors with the School of LMC*.

If you are not a major or minor with the School of LMC, you may receive registration error: MAJOR RESTRICTION. See below for details on Spring 2022 LMC Humanities options.

LMC Humanities Options – available to all majors!

LMC 2600 Intro to Performance Studies
LMC 3104 Age of Scientific Discovery
LMC 3112 Evolution & the Industrial Age
LMC 3226 Major Authors: Modern American Poets
LMC 3234 Creative Writing: Living Poets
LMC 3234 Creative Writing: Poetry
LMC 3512 British & Continental Romanticism

LMC Humanities Options – available to all majors on Nov 15th
LMC 2200 Intro to Gender Studies: Women & Non-Binary People in Speculative Fiction & Film
LMC 2500 Intro to Film
LMC 3202 Studies in Fiction: Russian Apocalypse & Dystopian Literature
LMC 3202 Studies in Fiction: Asian American Literature & Culture
LMC 3212 Women, Literature, & Culture: Women in Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror
LMC 3215 Science Fiction Film & TV
LMC 3236 Writing for Stage & Screen
LMC 3254 Film History (prerequisite: LMC 2400 or 2500)
LMC 3314 Technologies of Representation
LMC 3318 Biomedicine & Culture
LMC 3405 Media, Culture, & Society: Blackness, Media, & Meaning-Making in the 1990s

LMC Humanities classes restricted to School of LMC – No Exceptions
LMC 2050 Sophomore Seminar
LMC 2400 Intro to Media Studies

-LMC 2500 has an honors section (HP) that is only for honors students.
-LMC 3062 Film Acting Workshop is not approved as a humanities class. You can request to take this as a free elective.

*Minor Options in the School of LMC:
East Asian Studies
Film & Media Studies
Health, Medicine, & Society
Science Fiction Studies
Science, Technology, & Society
Social Justice
Women, Science, & Technology

Classes offered for each minor can be found here: https://advisorblog.lmc.gatech.edu/2021/10/27/lmc-minors-and-spring-2022-classes/

If you are interested in declaring one of these minors, please email me and we will schedule a time to chat!