Changing Your Major to LMC

We are so excited about your interest in a Bachelor of Science in Literature, Media, & Communication!

Check out these FAQs about the LMC major and the change of major process.

How do threads work with the LMC major?
LMC majors choose two threads (similar to concentrations) with a variety of class options in each. Think of threads as a way to contain or categorize the types of classes you take within the major. The thread options are Literature, Media, Communication, Design, Social Justice, and Science, Technology, & Culture.

Will changing my major to LMC push back my graduation date?
Not necessarily! In fact, it is possible to graduate on time or even early with the LMC major. This all depends on what credits you already have and how many credits you have left to take.

Do LMC majors get internships?
Absolutely! We have LMC majors who get internships every semester, including recent placements within the School of LMC, across campus, and at companies like Salesforce and The Home Depot. Check out recent experiences LMC majors had in summer 2022 here:

Are there study abroad opportunities for LMC majors?
Definitely! While there aren’t programs specifically for LMC majors, the flexibility of the major and the variety of subject matter covered makes it a flexible major to study abroad with. We have students attend the Oxford Study Abroad Program, attend GT Lorraine, and a variety of other study abroad experiences. Check out recent experiences LMC majors had in summer 2022 here:

What are the job opportunities like for an LMC major?
LMC majors get jobs in a wide variety of industries, including communications, marketing, film, and more. We also have students who get into masters programs, law school, and other higher education opportunities. Check out the LMC LinkedIn page here to connect with recent alumni and see what they’re up to!

How to Change Your Major to LMC:

Please note: You may not schedule a Change of Major Advising Appointment during the first week of Phase I Registration or during Phase II Registration. Please plan ahead!

What to do if you want to change your major to LMC during peak registration season:

Contact LMC’s Academic Advisor: Amanda Blocker
Include your name, GT ID, and why you are interested in changing your major.

Other helpful resources to check out when considering a change of major to LMC:

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LMC Degree Requirements & Classes by Thread:

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