How to Take a Class for Pass / Fail

Have you wondered whether you can change a class to pass/fail? Here’s what you need to know to make that decision!

What is a Grade Basis?

Grade basis refers to what type of grade you can receive in a class. Each class at Georgia Tech can be assigned up to 3 types: A (audit), L (letter grade), and P (pass/fail). 

In Oscar, each class will say “Grade Basis” and then list the options for that particular section. 

Example 1: MATH 1712 section C in Fall 2021 says “Grade Basis: L”. This means the class is only available to be taken as a letter grade.

Example 2: EAS 1600 section A in Fall 2021 says “Grade Basis: ALP”. This means the class is available to be taken as audit, letter grade, or pass/fail.

For LMC majors only: 

  • You may not take any major classes (LMC classes) as pass/fail
  • You can take core classes (Areas A-F in degreeworks) and free electives for pass/fail
  • Minors and certificates typically do not allow for pass/fail

Other Considerations: 

  • Pass/fail grades are not included in your GPA
  • Credit hours for a pass/fail class are counted toward attempted hours for scholarships like HOPE and Zell (please contact your financial aid advisor for more info)
  • You have up to 9 hours of pass/fail hours available to use during your time at Tech. The number of hours available to you will depend on how many hours you take at Tech. More info here: 
  • If you are taking classes as prerequisites for a future program (graduate school, medical school, etc) then you may need to receive letter grades in these classes to be considered for admissions
  • Each faculty member will determine what grade you need to earn in order to pass. Please reach out to your faculty member to find out what is required of you to earn an S (satisfactory) versus U (unsatisfactory) grade in the class

How to Change a Class to Pass/Fail:

  1. Confirm the specific section you are registered for offers a pass/fail option
  2. Fill out the Grade Mode Change form
  3. Send completed form to Academic Advisor for signature
  4. Academic Advisor will forwarded signed form to Registrar’s Office for processing

Grade Mode Change form available here: 

You can submit Grade Mode Change forms until the deadline each semester. The Grade Mode Deadline for the current semester can be found in the Academic Calendar here: