LMC Humanities for Fall 2022


LMC offers many classes that satisfy the humanities requirement for all majors across campus. However, many of these classes are also requirements for the LMC & CM majors and minors with the School of LMC*.

If you are not a major or minor with the School of LMC, you may receive registration error: MAJOR RESTRICTION. See below for details on Fall 2022 LMC Humanities options.

LMC Humanities Options – available to all majors!
LMC 3204 Poetry & Poetics
LMC 3210 Ethnicity in American Culture
LMC 3226 Major Authors: James Joyce
LMC 3226 Major Authors: Jane Austen
LMC 3228 Shakespeare
LMC 3262 Performance Studies
LMC 3263 Music, Culture, & Society

LMC Humanities Options – available to all majors April 18th @ 9 am
LMC 2060 Intro to Literary Studies
LMC 2100 Intro to Science, Technology, & Culture
LMC 2500 Intro to Film
LMC 3214 Science Fiction
LMC 3234 Creative Writing: Poetry
LMC 3234 Creative Writing: The Sentence & The Scene
LMC 3236 Writing for Stage & Screen
LMC 3253 Animation
LMC 3254 Film History
LMC 3259 Experimental Film
LMC 3304 Science, Technology, & Gender
LMC 3318 Biomedicine & Culture

LMC Humanities classes restricted to School of LMC – No Exceptions
LMC 2000 Intro to Literature, Media, & Communication
LMC 2400 Intro to Media Studies

*LMC Minors and LMC Multidisciplinary Minors
LMC offers minors in Black Media Studies; East Asian Studies; Film & Media Studies; Health, Medicine, & Society; Science Fiction; Science, Technology, & Society; Social Justice; Women, Science, & Technology

Classes offered for each LMC minor can be found here:

If you are interested in declaring one of these minors, please email Amanda Blocker.