Around the World with LMC

I’m so excited to share some amazing opportunities our LMC majors had in summer 2022!

From internships to studying abroad, we had LMC majors all over the globe doing great things. Here are some of their stories:


This summer I had the opportunity to intern at The Home Depot on the Workforce Development team in their Human Resources department. I was tasked with designing a K-12 engagement strategy for Home Depot’s Path to Pro program, and ultimately developed an effective social media strategy to promote skilled trades education. I was provided with invaluable mentorship and countless networking opportunities, including the opportunity to present my intern project to HR Executive Leadership. I had such a fantastic experience at Home Depot this summer and I am so grateful for the unique LMC education that gave me all of the tools I needed to succeed!

-Cassie Baker, LMC


Oxford Study Abroad Program

  • Where did you go? Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, England (weekend trips: Morocco, Iceland, Spain, Scotland)
  • What was your experience like? This summer was a literal dream. I am a huge foodie, so I had the best time learning about each country’s culture and unique cuisine. I tried cuttlefish ink pasta, boar meat, escargot, andso much more!
  • What tips and tricks would you want others to know about on the academic side of things? My #1 piece of advice would be to knock out some free elective credits while you’re abroad! It might feel discouraging that some degree-related courses aren’t being offered, but don’t worry; take the classes you’ve always dreamt of taking but never thought you had time for (music, philosophy, etc.) and have fun! Your professors want you to have the best summer too!!!

-Kristin Hsu


This summer, I worked with Salesloft, a sales software company here in Atlanta. With Salesloft, I was a marketing intern on the demand generation team. During my time here, I was able to complete 10+ projects that created such a profound impact for the company.

One project that I worked on with Salesloft was an Instagram Culture campaign. The purpose of the project was to showcase Salesloft’s amazing company culture. I came up with over 20 instagram posts, executed a few and before I knew it, interactions were flooding in. I also worked on a Linkedin campaign for the company and received 4,700+ interactions!

It didn’t stop there. The company allowed us to develop on both a personal and professional level with slotted career development activities throughout the week. During the 10 week internship, I learned Salesforce, Marketo, Salesloft, Figma and so much more.

-Nicole Caiati, LMC


I went on the GT Oxford Program this summer, where we split into travel groups and tour different European cities before reuniting in Oxford, England. I visited Paris, Chamonix, Venice, Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, Munich, Vienna, Prague, Bruges, Oxford, London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Dover, and Brighton. It wasn’t all just traipsing around Europe though—we took four classes, for a total of 12 credit hours in 12 weeks. I took courses in Art History, Music, Literature, and Computational Media.

I’d always wanted to study abroad but never knew where. This program is so unique in how it takes you to different cities but also has a home base in England. I loved how close I became with my travel group and the freedom we had to travel on weekends. It opened my eyes to so many different cultures and brought me closer to other Georgia Tech students I might not otherwise have met.

-Sarah Engel, LMC


Other great opportunities had by LMC majors this summer:

Editing & Proofreading Intern for Backpacker Trail
Videographer & Program Assistant Volunteer in Nassau, Bahamas
Madison Steinau

Product Marketing Intern at Newell Brands in Chicago, IL
Anne Chandler Dozier

Web Development and Design Internship
Vincent Batts

Content Design Intern with Microsoft
Emma Ryan

Technical Writing Intern at Salesforce in San Francisco, CA
Grace Dwyer

Teaching 8th Graders English & Literature with Breakthrough Atlanta
Mckaela Kramer

Marketing Intern with NCR
Alexis Mellott

Marketing & Design Intern for Ivan Allen College
Jordan Kopcha

Edinburgh Study Abroad Program
Camryn Burke

Georgia Tech Lorraine Study Abroad Program
Juliana Badeaux

Oxford Study Abroad Program
Hannah Jane Baumann, Mary Cathryn Evans, Lily Kate Soetebier

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